To Club

Mapping Festival 2022
L'Abri, Genève

Going out to be yourself or forget your daily life, by reinventing the codes of a free and ephemeral society. Party time, living in the present moment, connecting with others and with music, letting dance carry us, losing or regaining our own identity, discovering new bodily sensations through collective trance. The places that allow this escape have been thought of as free spaces beyond genres, origins and social backgrounds, where everyone can be who they are.

Over time, and following the evolution of the music played there, the clubs have been reappropriated by the codes of the outside world. A world that was until then the one we wanted to reinvent. To club reinterprets this space of freedom, by questioning these borders that have been created over time, while exploring in a sensory and subjective way the experience of each person in the world of the night.

Chorégraphie and dance: Mélissa Guex
Video mapping and music: Yann Longchamp
Music and stage design: Gautier Teuscher
Costum design: Marie Bajenova
Sound: Joël Corboz
Captation: Christina Müller & Yuri Tavares