Tethered Lines

SHAP SHAP - Global South What's up ?
Création musicale avec Joshua Chiundiza
Antigel Festival, Genève, 2022

Original production by Shap Shap: Joshua Chiundiza, Zimbabwean audiovisual artist and Yann Longchamp, Swiss DJ and interactive designer, premiere at Antigel a performance created during a residency between Harare and Geneva. The duo explores the oral tradition and travels in time through an audiovisual narration at the crossroads of each person's heritage. A clash of cultures, sound and visual worlds, mixing mbira, chimurenga and sungurra music, euro-electronic rhythms and hip-hop flow.

With the support of: Pro Helvetia Johannesburg and the City of Geneva
Composition and live electronics: Yann Longchamp
Composition and performance: Joshua Chiundiza
Stage design & live visuals: Sophie Le Meillour
Sound: Linus Johansson Riihimäki
Lighting: Fabio Jaramillo